Prague Castle Collection

  • Hradčanské Náměstí at Night Hradčanské Náměstí

    Hradčanské Náměstí, or Hradčanské Square, in Prague's Castle District, is one of those impressive squares that embodies all of the charm, grandeur, and allure of Europe. Steeped in history, Hradčanské Náměstí is the all-in-one scene of some of the most impressive palaces in Prague, such as the Archbishop's Palace, the Martinicky Palace, the Sternberg Palace with its especially interesting exhibit of the artwork of some of the great Tuscan masters, Venetian art, and excellent examples of Florentine Mannerism; the Schwarzenberg...

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  • 1000 Years of Inca Gold | Prague Museums and Galleries The Supreme Burgrave House

    The wondrous exhibition titled 1000 Years of Incan Gold is currently on display at the Supreme House of the Burgrave. This small, but priceless exhibition is a display of jewelry (huge earrings, massive golden beads, nose pieces), tools, cups, and other household objects, such as golden tweezers. These fascinating objects are displayed in lit up glass showcases with educational and historical texts (in Czech and English) located next to the artifacts. The artifacts are indeed amazing, intricate and not something...

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