National Museum in Prague

  • View of Prague from the Kinský Gardens Kinský Gardens

    Spreading over a lush 22 hectares in Prague's magnificent park area just where Smíchov meets Lesser Town, near Petřín Hill, you will find the splendid Kinský Gardens. Begun in 1825 by the patriotic Count Rudolf Kinský, these gardens were created to form a purely natural landscape without romantic excess, in celebration of the Czech National Revival, a nationalistic cultural revival movement that led into the First Republic period, celebrating all that is uniquely Czech. Located on the south-eastern slope of...

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  • National Memorial on Vitkov Hill | Prague National Memorial on Vitkov Hill

    Perched atop the city of Prague and opened to the public on October 29, 2009 after an extensive renovation, is the Vitkov memorial and the massive horse statue with Jan Žižka, the one-eyed warrior proudly overlooking the city of Prague. The grand off white structure has long been an interesting historical monument and cursed one at that, according to many historians (perhaps because of the embalmed body of the first Communist president Gottwald that ended up there on display). The...

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