Pastry Shop

  • au Gourmand | Prague Cafes au Gourmand

    French style bakery and pastry shop, close to Old Town Square, located on one of the most beautiful streets in Prague. The window display is the first thing that catches your eye with an inviting selection of savory baked goods. Once you enter you will feel as though you have stepped back in time to the 1920s. It is clean and simple with stunning colorful preserved tiles, wrought iron chairs and intimate tables. Two glass display cases containing colorful sweets...

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  • Cukr Kava Limonada | Prague Cafes Cukr Kava Limonada

    This cafe is as interesting as its name (Sugar, Coffee, Lemonade). Nestled in the Baroque Lesser Town, this establishment is an ideal place to wind down after sightseeing, meet with friends, or grab a bite to eat on your lunch break. It has a very warm and inviting atmosphere with wooden elements such as the painted wooden ceiling and wooden floors. The interior is a pleasant blend of the traditional with contemporary elements added in, such as modern furniture pieces...

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  • Cukrárna Alchymista | Lavender Cupcakes Cukrárna Alchymista

    Cukrárna Alchymista, or the Alchemist sugar shop and café is a wonderful find in the center of Prague’s residential area of Letná, close to the Sparta Stadium. The Alchemist is a non-smoking, retro sweet shop, café and tea room that features a lovely outdoor seating area in the form of a beautiful English garden, complete with a small fish pond. The interior of the café was inspired by the period of the First Republic and features wooden walls and a...

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  • Mysak Sweet Shop | New Town Mysak Sweet Shop

    Located steps from Wenceslas Square on lively Vodičkova Street, is the famous Myšák sweet shop - well, a reconstructed version of the legendary sweet shop anyway as the Rondo-Cubist building that housed the famous confectionary from 1910 collapsed in 2006. In the true spirit of renovation and nostalgia, the structure was rebuilt and the sweet shop reopened its famous doors in 2008. In 2017, another renovation was made under the direction of professionals from Ambiente Group – the establishment that...

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  • The Candy Store | American and British Sweets The Candy Store

    Do you crave American and British sweets such as candy bars, soda pop, hard candy, tasty savory crisps and more? If you do, you no longer have to daydream about these super sweet and salty snacks! The Candy Store in Prague, to the pure delight of all those in love with American and British sweets and snacks has it all! The Candy Store stocks a wide variety of sweet and savory treats and you can find there products from big...

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