Fine Dining in New Town

  • Alcron | Restaurant with a Michelin Star Alcron

    The renowned Alcron restaurant is one of the first two restaurants in Prague to receive a Michelin Star (2012); continuing this tradition every year up to its latest Star in 2017, it is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Prague. The head chef of Alcron and of the La Rotonde restaurant, also located in the Alcron Hotel Prague, is the talented Jakub Černý. Alcron invites its guests for delicious meals focused mainly on fish and other seafood, and served up in the...

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  • Bastion Prague Restaurant | Beautiful View Bastion Prague Restaurant

    The original Bastion Prague Restaurant promises an excellent gastronomic experience with a pleasant ambiance combined with a breathtaking view of Prague. The restaurant is located in the vicinity of Folimanka park and was named after a historical bastion (a projecting part of a fortification built at an angle to the line of a wall) from the 14th century, on which it is located, and which was built during the construction of the southern part of Prague's New Town by King...

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  • La Rotonde | Prague Fine Dining | Interior La Rotonde in Alcron Hotel Prague

    The Alcron hotel Prague and its two restaurants, La Rotonde and Alcron are all, simply put, excellent. Located in the vicinity of Wenceslas Square in the center of Prague, this legendary hotel hosts two restaurants, one of them being an Art Deco gem, La Rotonde. Its unique circular design (yes, resembling a rotunda), stylish interior and a varied menu carefully created by Head Chef Lukáš Hlaváček, are just some of the reasons why this restaurant has repeatedly been graded as one of...

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  • Modry Zub Restaurant | Thai Cuisine Modry Zub Restaurant

    Located on bustling Spálená Street is the exciting and refreshingly authentic Modry Zub Restaurant. This fine dining authentic Thai establishment is a sister restaurant to Modry Zub Noodle Bar, which is also located in New Town on Jindrisska Street. This elegant restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients imported from Germany and Austria whenever certain ingredients are needed that the Czech Republic does not import, such as Thai Zucchini and Thai spices. Modry Zub Restaurant, a 100% perfect authentic Thai establishment...

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  • Ristorante Pagana | Fine Dining Ristorante Pagana

    One of the things that might strike you about Prague is how popular Italian food is; there is quite literally, a pizzeria on almost every corner. Unfortunately, the quality is often quite poor and in nine out of ten cases the food offered should really be called Czech-Italian instead of traditional Italian. It is therefore always a pleasant surprise to discover a true original in a deep sea of bad replicas, a real Italian restaurant among so many Italian wannabes....

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  • Sansho | Prague Dining Sansho

    Experience good, honest gourmet food in a comfortable, urban setting in the heart of Prague. The city’s culinary obsession is rightly justified with Sansho, a lovely comfortable eatery in the city center that combines fantastic and funky Asian cuisine with a simple, unpretentious interior and warm atmosphere. The restaurant is the brainchild of Head Chef Paul Day, an experienced chef that gained South East Asian food experience in London’s Chinatown where he also was taught basics of Cantonese cooking such...

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