Burda Art Studio

Blacksmith and glassblower Rudolf Burda from Mladá Boleslav specializes in modern artistic blacksmithing and free creation while using steel, stainless steel, hand-blown and cast glass and enamel. He inherited his relationship to handicraft work from his ancestors – his grandfather and father were upholsterers and they also had a blacksmith in the family. Since 1991, Rudolf Burda has specialized in combining metal and hand-blown and cast glass. He prefers pure forms and minimalist glass design with gloss and matte finishes in mutual contrast. Burda places emphasis on every detail and precise craftsmanship with traditional and modern glass technology. He is inspired by the aesthetics of cubism, constructivism and functionalism, and sees also nature as an endless source of inspiration. Rudolf Burda produces copies of historic interior and exterior work and is engaged in restoration works. He is very proud of his cooperation with the Czech Cubism Foundation, through which he participated in the refurbishment of old cubist chandeliers, metal radiator covers and fencing around Bauer's Villa in Libodřice designed by Czech architect Josef Gočár whose works especially from the Cubist period and functionalism belong to the highlights of Czech modern architecture. Copyright originals signed by Rudolf Burda are sold at the DOX shop, Kubista, Modernista, GATE Gallery art shop, Kampa Museum and other places in Prague.

Vinecká 142 – Neuberg, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav, +420 602 404 220, studio@burda-art.cz, www.burda-art.cz

Address: Vinecká 142 – Neuberg, 293 01 Mladá Boleslav

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