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La Femme Mimi is a delightful little fashion shop in the center of Prague that sells a dazzling array of colorful silk and cotton skirts, shirts, handbags, scarves, kimonos and dresses detailed with intricate hand-sewn embroidery. The clothing is inspired by Mother Nature and the owner’s own upbringing in Vietnam. The La Femme Mimi collections present bold colorful products showing an evolution of traditional shapes and patterns into bold new shapes with mosaics of silks and embroidery. The result is a colorful and textural feast for your eyes and you will surely be noticed and envied when you wear a gorgeous La Femme Mimi original. The clothing is designed by Mimi Lan, fashion designer and owner of the brand, hand-tailored in the lovely city quarter of Hradčany and available in the online shop as well as in the charming boutique. All the top quality materials are imported from Italy, Germany, Vietnam, South Korea and Japan. If you have a specific idea about a piece of clothing, do not hesitate to have a special item of clothing created just for you upon request. Share your expectations and designs with Mimi Lan and she will help you choose the most suitable shape and also the perfect material. Drop by the La Femme Mimi boutique on Štěpánská Street, and pick up a colorful, stylish peace of clothing that will refresh your wardrobe and immediately make you stand out in the gray crowd.

Štěpánská 53, Prague 1, +420 224 214 106. Also available at Parazit fashion store, Karlova 25, Prague 1.



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