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Founded in 1989 Ranný Architects is one of the most successful and dedicated architectural firms in the city of Prague. The primary activity of Ranný Architects is the creation of architectural proposals and completion of design interiors of residential and commercial spaces including administration buildings, houses, apartments, public recreational areas, restaurants, hotels, cafes, etc. Emphasis is always placed on achieving highest quality design advanced only by the latest ecological, ergonomic and manufacturing technologies. The long term success and experience of the team of designers and architects has led to the development of their own line of successful, innovative and very attractive furniture, which is offered under the Design Salon brand. The Ranný Architects firm is the exclusive representative of foreign companies in the Czech republic for office, apartment and hotel equipment. The firm is able to deliver or create the complete furnishing of an apartment or office from the actual design to carpets, lighting, kitchen, art works, etc. all of which is of course, according to the wishes of the client. Ranný Architects works with a wide range of the best of the best specialists including architects and designers, all of which are experienced draw upon the most modern knowledge concerning architecture and design. In 2008, architects Mojmír Ranný and Ondřej Píhrt founded the RAP Partners s.r.o Architekti architectural studio which provides comprehensive services in the areas of architecture and interior design, both directly to Ranný Architects and to external clients. If you are looking for a reputable architectural firm to help you to realize the office or residential space of your dreams, or if you simply wish for high quality furniture for your home look no further than Ranný Architects or Design Salon, Ranný Architects sister company.   


RANNÝ ARCHITECTS s. r. o., ateliér Národní 37, 110 00 Praha 1, +420 220 514 327, +420 603 111 782, www.ranny.cz; RANNÝ RETAIL SHOP, Národní 37 (Platýz), Praha 1, +420 224 235 165, +420 605 040 393


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