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Interior and garden furniture sold by Donate, whose store (an impressive 4,000 m2) can be found in Velké Popovice in central Bohemia, will help you create a cozy home and garden where you will enjoy precious moments of relaxation in style. Although the stylish furniture by Donate comes from various producers, all pieces have one thing in common - high quality. In the Donate store you will find a wide selection of colonial furniture for your interior from teak wood, popular furniture from Indian palisander, rattan garden furniture, as well as garden furniture from teak or a combination of teak and steel – do not miss the luxury garden furniture which effortlessly combines modern design and high quality by Alexander Rose, Applebee, Traditional Teak and Gloster. Besides furniture you can also choose from home decor, interior accessories and lighting. Donate also offers a wide range of services related to interior design; it provides the services of an architect who will help you select suitable materials and decor, and ensures the transportation and installation of your new furniture, as well as the proper disposal of packaging material. Donate's professionalism, and the originality and high quality of its products are also reflected in the high number of significant clients including, for example, Prague restaurants Le Terroir, Kobe and Zlatá Praha Restaurant in the Intercontinental Hotel, Golf Club Plzeň, Wallenstein Garden, Bistrot104, Park Hotel Popovičky, Grosseto Průhonice and others. 

K Sýpkám 355, 251 69 Velké Popovice, +420 323 607 381,


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