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Located in Vinohrady on the main thoroughfare of Vinohradská Street is one of the area's main landmarks, the Vinohrady market hall. This building was created for the general public to be used as a market hall for farmers and sellers of fruit, vegetables, meats and cheese, etc., however nowadays this architecturally interesting structure is the home to various design brands that sell home accessories and furniture. This important building recently underwent a meticulous renovation that placed emphasis on preserving original industrial architectural elements, and also on opening up the interior space for an overall feeling of airy lightness. The Pavilon is now home to such reputable design brands as Modernista (decor and furniture specializing in reissued Czech collections from the past 100 years), Stockist (contemporary world-class furniture, lighting, rugs, and accessories), Lugi (custom-made design furniture with a timeless design), Fullstars (design home cinema and hi-fi systems), Barkotex (high quality flooring), Brother & Duck (Sales and consultancy of interior furnishings, i.e. ceramic tiles, furniture and homeware), Confido Home (high-end design bed linen and textiles), Lavmi (whimsical wallpaper, home accessories and textiles), and Vartian (modern hand-knotted carpets). The Pavilon is also home to Mario Wild Flowers, a design florist that offers otherworldly green creations suitable for all events, as well as beautiful design flower pots and floral decor for your home. You will also find there the Galerie Pavilon, an exhibition space of 180 m2 that showcases contemporary art from Czech artists, and also hosts temporary shows. After exploring this gorgeous design mecca, treat yourself to a coffee and a piece of delectable cake, or a light meal at the Cafe Pavilon, located on the ground floor and open to the entire design space. Relax and take it all in – this is a true haven for those interested in interior design and interesting architectural spaces.  

Vinohradská 1200/50, Praha 2, 


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