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Vyšehrad 2000 Group

The Vyšehrad 2000 Group, founded in 1994, is one of the top players in the varied and exciting world of Prague gastronomy. The company operates the famous Municipal House Café, and the Municipal House Restaurant, the cafe and brewery at Malostranská Beseda, as well as the multi-functional Botanika Golf Club some 25 km outside of Prague. The Vyšehrad 2000 Group will provide everything you can think of in terms of gastronomy and related services for your next party, reception, banquet, or dinner. You can be sure that you are contacting a company with rich experience in the area of catering services in Prague and indeed throughout the Czech Republic, as Vyšehrad 2000 Group’s satisfied clients include significant Czech and foreign companies, official state visits, as well as Czech authorities. Within its catering service, the company will also ensure the rental of suitable space including historical buildings, such as the Municipal House, Malostranská Beseda, the Convent of St. Agnes, the Baroque Clam-Gallas Palace, the Stone Bell House, or a range of many other stunning settings for your event. The Vyšehrad 2000 Group is also able to arrange an entire wedding day for you, including arranging an exclusive space for your ceremony and dinner. The company puts emphasis on top-class service and the happy satisfaction of its customers, always striving to surpass their expectations. Whether you are going to hold a big event or a small intimate party, you can always rely on the highest-quality Prague catering services of the Vyšehrad 2000 Group. 

Národní 10, 110 00 Praha 1, +420 224 951 738-40, www.catering-vysehrad2000.cz 


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