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If you wish to head back in time to the medieval year of 1471, you can at the Prague theme restaurant Anno Domini 1471, where all your middle age dreams will come true! Picture this: You enter the large wooden door and you are immediately transported back in time to the 15th century! The authentic tavern is alive with a period atmosphere so real you will simply forget what day and age you are living in once you close the door behind you. After being welcomed by friendly tavern regulars you will be treated to some welcome homemade bread served with salts while you choose your seat at one of the long wooden tables. Splendid staff members dressed in medieval period costumes will serve you goblets of vintage wine and lovely traditional food. While you are enjoying a medieval meal an array of entertainment will be happening all around you including live music from the middle ages, fiddlers, dancers, fire dancers, a cardshaper, a fortune teller, pub skirmishes, sword fights, a snake charmer and much much more, making Anno Domini 1471 one of the best places in Prague for a family dinner, group celebration or a romantic date. It is interesting to note that at Anno Domini 1471 you can sample period food from all of the different castes. For example you can sample food from commoners including sausages, cheeses, sweet and salty mashes, griddlecakes and bread, and food from medieval burghers and aldermen, including chicken, pork, fish meat, a large assortment of breads, pastries, fruit and vegetables and of course, food from royalty including game prepared in many different ways, fine meats prepared in exotic spices, the finest fish in the land, various delectable sweets, fine cheeses, vintage wines, mead, beer and more. If you long to visit the past, head over to Anno Domini 1471 and travel back in time to the middle ages.  

Čermákova 7, Praha 2, +420 +420 739 869 907, 


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