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If you wish to explore exotic lands without leaving the gorgeous city of Prague behind, why not spend an afternoon or evening at the Travelers Club? This riverside restaurant that is close to the famous National Theater serves tasty cuisine including Lebanese plus Indian dishes and more for very reasonable prices, all of which you will want to sample again and again. It is also very important to note that this restaurant boasts the city’s best Indian Masala Chai, a true favorite of those who have visited the sub continent of India; an impressive variety of teas and exotic drinks are available besides Masala including sahlep, ayran, lassi, rooibos, maté pampero and nana. The restaurant serves authentic Arabic cuisine, is non-smoking (except for hookahs) and offers colorful entertainment in the form of oriental and belly dancers who perform every Thursday night, plus over 60 types of tea, weekly ethnic nights, free Wi-Fi, a travel library and more. This restaurant is great for vegetarians and for those who simply love to travel and sample different foods. The Arabic cuisine includes traditional dishes such as hummus, falafel, kebabs and salads, 30 different mezze, mutton (halal) and more. You can sample classic Indian dishes such as biriyani, samosas, papadams, dhal, palak paneer, kheer, etc. The Traveler’s Club features a lovely interior with a blend of carved wood, handmade carpets, knick knacks from all over, and temporary photographs of beautiful places from all around the globe; the photography exhibitions change monthly. Furthermore the restaurant features presentations and slideshows from time to time, about traveling of course, which provide images and stories of far away lands that some people only dream of going to once in their lives. If you like to sample different tobaccos you are in luck as the Traveler’s Club has exclusive tobaccos you will not find anywhere else in Prague. Children are especially welcome at the Traveler’s Club; what better way to start the wanderlust in your child then having them sample delicious international treats? Furthermore the establishment has highchairs, toys and coloring books. If you live for and love to travel and sample new and exciting delectable culinary delights pay a visit to the Traveler’s Club, where you will feel right at home. As an extra-added scrumptious bonus, the restaurant features Sunday Brunch from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m as well as daily business lunch specials from Monday- Friday with a take-away option.

Masarykovo Nábřeží 22, Prague 1, +420 734 322 729,


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