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Yam Yam Thai Food & Cafe

Are you searching for delicious, mouthwatering Thai cuisine in the European capital of Prague? If so, you might just end up searching far and wide as the spicy delectable dishes that make up Thai cuisine are not so commonly found here. A few select places do exist that serve yummy Thai dishes, however, the dishes are overpriced for most diners. If you wish to dine on Thai food on a budget you are in luck, for the city of Prague does have a hidden Thai food gem where you can sample spicy treats for very affordable prices- Yam Yam Thai Food & Café is your best bet for affordable, delicious Thai food in Prague! With three locations in Prague, the restaurant is a welcome urban addition to the culinary scene in Prague. The sleek interior is a combination of Buddha images, drawings, modern furniture and low lighting. The menu features a nice selection of Thai dishes, appetizers such as spicy soups and flaky finger-licking fried spring rolls, desserts, drinks including fresh juices, tea, Singha Thai beer, a long list of affordable cocktails and much more. We highly recommend the Kaeng Pet Kai with rice noodles (chicken with red curry, eggplant, peppers, sugar peas, basil and coconut milk) and the Kaeng Sabparod Kung (shrimp with red curry, pineapple, basil, peppers and coconut milk). If you love spicy food, Yam Yam also features the Hell Menu with super spicy foods. Whether you love Thai food for its mouth burning complex spiciness or for its mild and smooth exotic flavors, you will be satisfied with any dish ordered at Yam Yam, where you can find authentic Thai food for great prices.  

Stanice metra Vyšehrad 1670, Praha 4, +420 261 264 265. Mařákova 8, Praha 6, +420 774 844 446. Vodičkova 38, Praha 1, +420 774 844 442, www.yamyam.cz




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