The Tavern

Located at the border of Vinohrady and Žižkov is The Tavern, one of the best places in Prague to sample high quality American cuisine. The Tavern is a tiny (and seemingly always packed) burger and cocktail restaurant situated across from Riegrovy Sady; this bustling restaurant and bar serves up just about the best American cuisine to be found in the city of Prague... and it's no secret. Should you wish to try The Tavern's juicy high quality, all beef burgers (grass-fed, free-range beef) you will need a reservation (please see their website for further details – there is a convenient online form for reservations in advance) or just be prepared to wait a while. This popular haunt has a small menu and as each and every dish has been perfected, you cannot go wrong with your choice. The menu consists of different variations of tender burgers (classic burgers, veggie burgers, burgers with bacon, caramelized onions, blue cheese, etc. - all served on homemade buttered buns), a delectable pulled pork sandwich, delicious breakfast sandwiches, and even biscuits and gravy! The Tavern also offers delicious curly fries that are seasoned to perfection, perfectly crunchy and not to salty. The cocktails offered are strong and tasty, as is the Ježek beer served on tap. If you are looking for authentic American cuisine in Prague, do not miss The Tavern – just don't forgot to make a reservation!  

Chopinova 26, Praha 2, 

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American Cuisine, Prague's Best Burgers , Restaurant in Vinohrady

Address: Chopinova 26, Praha 2

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