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K The Two Brothers

Experience royal Indian dining in Prague at K The Two Brothers. As soon as you enter into this restaurant you will feel as though you have traveled back in time to a princely state of British India; in fact the restaurant is named after Kapurthala, a famous kingdom in Punjab with a very rich past. Kapurthala was known for its cuisine, service, supreme sophistication, luxury and more – and so it goes with K The Two Brothers, where the interior is a direct inspiration of the open-mindedness, hospitality and happiness of Kapurthala. Labeled as one of the best Indian restaurants in town, K The Two Brothers is a great place to sample delectable Indian cuisine in Prague. The authentic dishes presented at this restaurant are downright colorful in appearance and taste, and with the friendly charming staff members serving them, you cannot go wrong; the menu at K The Two Brothers is large and varied – there is definitely something for everyone. The authentic Indian food at K The Two Brothers can be described as tantalizing – we are sure you will return time and time again to embark on a spicy culinary journey to British India. Enjoy the exotic ambiance, music and fashionable spirit at K The Two Brothers tonight - it will have you feeling just like royalty.

Petrska 1136/12, Praha 1, +420 601 576 222, +420 273 134 430, http://indian-restaurant-prague.com 


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