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Peter's Burger Pub

Visit the popular culinary-friendly neighborhood of Karlín today and sample some of Prague's best burgers at Peter's Burger Pub. This great burger restaurant serves up a good variety of authentic American-style burgers – the juicy, well-seasoned burgers are made with the highest quality beef and are completed with fresh, delicious toppings – the great seedy burger buns are made fresh and toasted to perfection, creating a heavenly combination. There is even a special daily burger served – ensuring that regulars will always have a new mouthwatering burger variety to eat. At Peter's Burger Pub you can also enjoy veggie burgers, fresh sandwiches (even falafel), salads with delicious dressings, chicken wings, desserts and more. Suitable sides are on the burger pub's menu, including beer-battered onion rings, fried shrimp chips, and seasonal grilled vegetables. Peter's Burger Pub definitely has drinks covered with a selection of beer (Konrad and Kocour served), wine, spirits, homemade ginger beer, sweet vanilla Coke, and Berry Royal milkshakes. The pub also offers outdoor seating, occasional live music, friendly staff members. Visit Peter's Burger Pub today and bite into burger perfection.  

Pernerova 32/10, Praha 8, +420 702 076 133,


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