Located close to the Vltava River by Podolí is the Gourmeta bistro/restaurant. This charming little place offers a true gourmet experience without the price tag. Inside the cozy, family run bistro, you’ll find an interior with a touch of whimsy, contributing to an overall fun atmosphere. Also adding to the pleasant atmosphere is the nice selection of music that’s played. At Gourmeta, the experienced chefs prepare seasonal dishes with fresh ingredients; with an added dash of love thrown in, you can bet their homemade fare is top quality and downright delicious. They describe their offerings as such - “On the plate we like elegance with a pinch of rustic.” It seems this description can also be used when describing the interior as well. The menu at Gourmeta is small but varied, with a daily lunch menu (Monday – Friday) as well – perfect for nearby professionals. It goes without saying that Gourmeta has good beer on tap and a nice selection of wine. If you are looking for a cozy bistro that serves up gourmet food in an attractive, relaxed atmosphere, head to Gourmeta today.

Na Dolinách 30/8, Praha 4, +420 792 278 878, +420 721 439 990, www.gourmeta.cz 

Address: Na Dolinách 30/8, Praha 4

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