Gastronomia i Trulli

If you are craving authentic Italian cuisine in Prague, Gastronomia i Trulli is exactly what you’re looking for. This authentic Italian eatery is located in Podolí, a peaceful part of Prague, south of the city center. At Gastronomia i Trulli, you can expect to find true Italian delicacies including the best fresh pasta, wines and more. All of the traditional meals are prepared with the best ingredients possible, for as we all know, the delicious nature of Italian food is due to high quality ingredients and simplicity. Alongside delicious, exquisite food, the restaurant is known for its great, professional service and the kindness of its owner, who can often be found chatting away with his customers. Pay a visit to Gastronomia i Trulli and you will truly feel like you are in the heart of culinary Italy. Gastronomia i Trulli – an authentic piece of Italy in Prague, with a true Italian atmosphere, great cuisine and excellent wines!

Na Dolinách 2/16, Praha 4, +420 727 983 917,

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Italian Cuisine

Address: Na Dolinách 2/16, Praha 4

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