La Casa Blů

The flavors of South America are very much alive in this cozy, colorful cantina in the heart of Old Town. There is an amazing, unique atmosphere in this restaurant as the scene is very casual, colorful and lively and full of people clustered around intimate small tables and gathered at the bar to sip coronas, margaritas and shots of yummy tequila. La Casa Blů is non-smoking as well, which makes it even more welcoming. La Casa Blů features a native South American staff and is decorated with a mix and match of wooden furniture, an old but very appropriate wooden floor and just about anything you can imagine: memorabilia including flags, photos and antique license plates. The menu features the usual Mexican and South American favorites, served fresh and in generous portions; the quesadillas are particularly good. La Casa Blů is a great pick for a nice dinner and several drinks after a long day of sightseeing and shopping.

Kozi 15, Praha 1, +420 224 818 270,


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Address: Kozí 15, Praha 1

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