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Kavala Greek Restaurant

Established in 2001 the fully air-conditioned Kavala Greek Restaurant is one of the most popular Greek establishments in the city of Prague. The elegant and atmospheric setting alongside professional friendly service and their authentic, delectable Greek fare will most certainly impress you and have you returning for more. Conveniently located in residential Prague 6 with easy connections to the city center, Kavala Greek Restaurant is one of the best choices for Greek food in the beautiful city of Prague. Kavala Greek Restaurant is named after Kavala, a small seaside town in the north of Greece that proudly features ancient artifacts and monuments that date back to the age of Alexander the Great; the interior of the restaurant is inspired by such artifacts and culture as well as other local styles found in Greece including elements of art and paintings from ancient Athens, the Minoan culture and Thera Island, present-day Santorini. We heartily recommend this Greek gem in Prague 6 and can positively say that every item on the menu is mouthwatering and satisfying. Our favorites include the Kologythokeftedes (Zucchini Balls) and the Burekakia Melitsanas (Aubergine stuffed with cheese) as starters, the Musakas (Eggplant and zucchini with minced meat and slices of potatoes baked with Béchamel) and the Lavraki Sto Furno (Baked sea bass wrapped in grape leaves) as main courses and of course the traditional Jaurti Me Meli (yogurt with nuts and honey) for a sweet end to a perfect meal. Kavala also offers lamb and young goat meat and a wide variety of fresh fish displayed on ice enabling you to choose your dinner, as well as live lobsters. The Greek wine list is exceptional. As an extra-added bonus, Kavala operates a specialty Greek shop located next door where you can purchase grape leaves, olives, tzaziki, hummus, wine, tea, and even cosmetics.

Charlese de Gaulla 5, Praha 6, +420 224 325 181, www.kavala-praha.cz 


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