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Indian Jewel

Located in the center of Prague’s historic Old Town in the charming Tyn courtyard full of bookstores, cafes, restaurants and more is Indian Jewel, the best Indian food establishment in Prague. Indian Jewel is regarded as the best Indian restaurant in Prague as it features an array of Indian delicacies from the mighty colorful subcontinent. India features a vast assortment of dishes and techniques from different regions and Indian Jewel does a fantastic job of representing the unique, spicy and herb-boasting culinary world of India. The restaurant’s head chef, Devinder Sharma Pandit has over 20 years of experience in five-star hotels and exclusive fine dining establishments around the world in India, Thailand, Europe and Australia. We recommend the Pakoras (chicken, onion, or cheese dipped in a chickpea batter and fried) or the Mulligatawny (mild lentil soup) as a starter, the Tandoori Jhinga (prawns grilled with Indian spices, lobster or jumbo prawns seasonal) or the Nawabi Tangri Kabab (chicken drumsticks marinated in green herbs and spices) if you wish to try a Tandoori specialty, the Sag Paneer (fresh cheese with spinach) as a vegetarian dish and the Gosht Biryani rice specialty (steamed, long grain Basmati rice cooked with lamb). To accompany your delicious meal we recommend trying the Naan (soft, white flat bread) or the Pudina Parantha (layered bread with fresh mint) served with Raita (yogurt mixed with mild spices and tomato and cucumber). For dessert do not miss the Gulab Jamun (milk dumplings soaked in sugar syrup with rose water, served warm). Indian Jewel boasts a lovely al fresco dining area plus an exotic and inviting interior décor. You will surely be transported to the surreal country of India and enjoy a colorful and scrumptious culinary adventure. This authentic Indian establishment also features great lunch specials.

Týn 6, Prague 1, +420 222 310 156, +420 222 310 156, 


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