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Kofein Restaurant

Kofein Restaurant is a family operated establishment in the beautiful and peaceful city center in the residential area of Vinohrady. Kofein specializes in international tapas and wine, an up-and-coming culinary trend that is circulating the food circles of Prague. Tapas are a pleasant way of experiencing delicious cuisine all the while conversing with your family and friends. The combination of tasty tapas and delectable wine encourages conversation and bonding, making the idea of tapas more of a lifestyle then just a simple meal. Enjoy the finer things in life with an evening of good food, good wine and good company; it will be an evening you will soon not forget. As it states on Kofein’s website “tapas are a way to prolong and vary the enjoyment of eating without regard to the size of the portion on your plate.” The owners of Kofein came up with the concept of their restaurant while traveling and enjoying the fabulous tapas bars of Spain. Kofein places emphasis on high quality, fresh local ingredients, and careful preparation. Both meat eaters and vegetarians will have many options to choose from, as will guests who prefer not to drink alcohol. As an extra bonus the restaurant also offers special lunch menus Monday through Friday. At night the restaurant comes to life with seekers of tasty tapas and high quality drinks; be prepared for a full house at Kofein, one of the city’s new hot spots for dinner and drinks. It is recommended to make reservations at this culinary gem.

Nitransk√° 9, Praha 3, +420 273 132 145, www.ikofein.cz 


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