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Excellent sushi, excellent service – that is Mash Hana. Located in Prague 6 right around the corner from the Hradčanská metro station and close to the world famous Prague Castle, Mash Hana is a traditional Japanese restaurant serving authentic and heathy Japanese cuisine. The interior is lovely and consists of a lot of simple wooden elements, paper lanterns, fans, etc. - it will make you feel as though you have left Prague... and the smells wafting through the air – all we can say is yum. If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine and sushi, Mash Hana is a definite must; as it is a favorite among locals, we strongly recommend making a reservation. The Japanese fare menu is varied and features Japanese soups, hot & cold starters, noodles (Soba buckwheat noodles and Udon wheat flour noodles), grilled fish and meats, rich specialities, and more. The sushi menu features SASHIMI a la carte, NIGIRI a la carte, MAKI a la carte and Temaki. At Mash Hana it is possible to prepare a special course menu according to your budget – if you are interested, simply contact Mash Hana in advance. Visit Mash Hana today and enjoy an authentic Japanese culinary experience in Prague.

Badeního 3, Praha 6, +420 224 324 034, +420 733 790 818, 


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