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Home Kitchen

Home Kitchen is a great restaurant in Prague serving up, just as you would guess, fresh home-cooked meals – something that is increasingly difficult to find in the center of the city. Home Kitchen provides a daily menu with different options, all of which are made with fresh seasonal ingredients. At Home Kitchen the goal is to actually feel at home – something that the owners wanted right from the start – and we agree – this bistro / restaurant is simply comfortable, cozy and downright good. The food at Home Kitchen is made with produce and ingredients locally sourced from reputable farmers, ensuring that what you are putting in your body is healthy nourishment. Home Kitchen offers a simple menu of homemade food that includes bread, soups (three different types on offer made fresh daily), main courses (consisting of meat and a side dish), salads (fresh and crisp – made only with top produce), and more. Home Kitchen has two locations in Prague, one in Prague 5 and the other in Prague 7 – Holešovice, both convenient locations.

Holesovice: Jankovcova 14a, Praha 7, +420 605 263 812. Smíchov: Anděl's City courtyard, Radlická 3185/1B, Praha 5. www.homekitchen.cz



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