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Klub Újezd

Klub Újezd was one of the first post-Communist bars to pop up in the once depressed city of Prague and has been completely packed ever since. You will definitely have a great time at Klub Ujezd, that is, if you can find a table. This multi-level bar is always hopping and the friendly bartenders keep the drinks flowing all night long to local clientele, usually in attendance with their loyal dogs, and young eager tourists alike. Located across from the bottom of Petrin Hill and its creepy yet effective Memorial to the Victims of Communism, this alternative bar still feels alternative and has kept its unique and utterly cool atmosphere alongside its affordable prices in tack, which is impressive as so many establishments in Prague end up being horrible tourist traps. Klub Ujezd is where it’s at on any night of the week and if you wish to encounter and even be-friend some Czech locale, then this is where it could happen. Since 2005 the walls of Klub Ujezd have doubled as a gallery where 8 to 10 exhibitions take place a year. It is also worth noting that the cellar of Klub Ujezd features local bands from time to time. 

Újezd 18, Praha 1, +420 251 510 873, www.klubujezd.cz 


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