Prague Underground Pub Crawl | Drunken Monkey Prague

If you wish to see the best of Prague’s pubs and bars, join the Prague Underground Pub Crawl! The Prague Underground Pub Crawl started five summers ago and is the oldest crawl that the city has to offer and ensures that you will definitely hit the most happening party spots in the city. The crawl kicks off every night at the Drunken Monkey Prague, a popular night spot for locals, backpackers, sports fans and just about anyone looking for a great time! The first part of the evening’s pub crawl will be spent at the Drunken Monkey where you will partake in their Two-Hour Power Hour that includes beer pong, flip cup, drunk Jenga, foosball, darts, sports, Jager trains and body shots! The pub crawl visits a different pub every night but always starts off at the Drunken Monkey Prague. After the two hours of fun you then visit another pub or club (see their user-friendly website for their pub schedule) with your pub guide who will not only drink with you but will also call you a cab when you are ready to call it a night. The Prague Underground Pub Crawl includes welcome shots at every bar, a free t-shirt and discounts for pub crawls throughout Europe. If you want to experience great nightlife, make sure to visit the Drunken Monkey and kick off your time in Prague and party till the break of dawn!  

U Milosrdných 4, Praha 1, +420 608 803 314,

Address: U Milosrdných 4, Praha 1

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