One of the most charming prosecco establishments in Prague does not have a brick and mortar location. It has, instead, wheels. Meet Proseccolo, a tiny vehicle that makes it way around town, stopping to serve up delicious chilled wine. The story of Proseccolo is a simple one. The owners wanted a mobile café, but weren’t too keen on coffee… they did, however, have a soft spot for wine and fun, like-minded people – especially in combination with pleasant weather. And so, the idea of a prosecco wine bar – Proseccolo - on wheels was born. Proseccolo offers the best of the best Italian prosecco wines, and brings with it an exclusive, stylish, and downright charming way to enjoy a refreshing glass. The picturesque little van, on its three wheels, with its mobile bar can show up at any celebration, wedding or festival. Should you wish to rent this cute vehicle, your event will certainly be the talk of the town!, +420 728 054 854, info@ 

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