Imago Mundi

At the ever popular Náplavka on the Rašínovo nábřeží embankment is the exceptional Imago Mundi boat. This intriguing boat plays host to a very special bar that sways on the gentle waves of the Vltava River and where you can find yourself in a completely different world. This unique concept of a floating bar was created by the Vilím brothers – they wished to connect a fantasy world inspired by the beloved author Jules Verne together with the craftsmanship of modern mixology. And that's how Imago Mundi, the image of their ideal world, came to life. If your heart desires an adventurous cruise, just step on board this small boat that surprisingly offers 23 seats. The wooden interior is very cozy and you can enjoy beautiful views of the opposite embankment of the Vltava River and the Prague Castle. More importantly, Imago Mundi bar has – besides breathtaking views – another ace up its sleeve: excellent cocktails created by the talented Jiří Buchar. You can try cocktail classics as well as original signature drinks. If you would like to have Imago Mundi only for yourself, you could rent it for any private event you can imagine, even for a unique business meeting or team building. Since every boat needs to raise up its anchors every once in a while, you can rent the Imago Mundi boat for a private cruise accompanied by a bartender, a captain and professional service. Let yourself get carried away with delicious cocktails and the amazing atmosphere at Imago Mundi. 

Náplavka, Rašínovo nábřeží, +420 725 477 446,


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