The Banker's Bar

Located in the vibrant center of Prague in a Functionalist former bank building, this classic cocktail bar will take you back to the chic speakeasies of the 1930s. The Banker’s Bar, so named because of the former function of the elegant building on Haštalská Street, was founded by the Dvořák family, who have paid tribute to this bygone era. The unique atmosphere of the 1920s and 1930s is tastefully combined with current trends in the world of mixology. Its original interior still retains the spirit of the now long-closed bank. The wood paneled walls and subtle color scheme are complemented by a vault door, behind which is a lounge and bar that looks like a row of safe deposit boxes. But don’t worry, they don’t keep the alcohol locked away! The bartenders will mix extraordinary signature cocktails made with fresh, local ingredients. Creating the drinks often involves unconventional processes, such as fermentation, clarification, and sous-vide. You can select cocktails from a menu that looks like a 1920s bankbook, or if you prefer something a little bit simpler, you will appreciate the wide variety of whiskey that The Banker’s Bar offers. Built into the door of the “vault” is their family collection of the most interesting bottles from America, Scotland, Ireland, and many other places. The experienced bar team is on hand to help you decide which one to taste first. You can also enjoy a whiskey tasting menu that includes truly rare spirits. If you like surprises, go for the “whiskey lottery ticket.” You might “win” a chance to taste a Chivas Regal 12 year old or a Talisker 25 year old—true whiskey enthusiasts know that these are real gems. Don’t hesitate to invest your money in having a great time at The Banker’s Bar. 

Haštalská 1077/16, Praha 1, +420 602 624 317, 

Address: Haštalská 1077/16, Praha 1

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