Hemingway Bar

Located in Old Town, a magical area of Prague that resembles a maze is the equally atmospheric Hemingway Bar. Named after none other then Ernest Hemingway, the American author known for his quick pen and his love of liquor, the classical cocktail bar invokes an America of yore when prohibition was in effect and lawmen simply waited for the 18th amendment to be broken while the speakeasies poured fire-water, on the hush, into the wee hours of the morning, all at the risk of getting caught. Not to worry though, for at Hemingway Bar you do not need a password to enter and drink. Hemingway Bar features expert bartenders who prepare delicious and strong cocktails with premium products and fresh ingredients. The bar also offers some twists on traditional cocktails to keep you on your toes as well as a unique collection of Absinthe, some of which you will not find in other Prague venues. The rum selection is extensive with over 200 different kinds. Cheers!

If you are throwing a private party, Hemingway Cocktail Service would be happy to pour drinks for you and your thirsty guests!

Karolíny Světlé 26, Praha 1, +420 773 974 764, www.bar.hemingwaybar.cz


Address: Karolíny Světlé 26, Praha 1

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