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Little Italy

Located on a quiet residential street in Prague 6 is the Da Emanuel restaurant that features not only some of the best Italian cuisine the city has to offer but also Little Italy, an Italian specialty shop where you can purchase hard to find Italian delicacies including cheese, wine, olive oil, salami, sauces, spices and more. You can also purchase fresh Italian baked goods and pasta including the Da Emanuel’s own ravioli. Da Emanuel is a popular restaurant that has acquired a steady group of regulars due to its comfortable atmosphere, professional service, extensive select wine list and delicious, authentic Italian Cuisine; Emanuele Ridi learned about traditional Mediterranean cuisine by watching his grandparents operate a seaside fish restaurant in Elba. Having said all this it is apparent that Little Italy features only the best authentic Italian offerings in Prague. The interior of the restaurant and the shop resemble the seaside where Emanuele Ridi so loved when he was growing up under the culinary wing of his family. This nautical retreat in the city of Prague is the place to go when you are looking for all things Italian.

Charlese de Gaulla 6, Praha 6, +420 230 234 763,


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