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Divoká Šárka Swimming Pool

Divoka Sarka is a gorgeous park with a wild landscape varied with large rocks, forest, streams and hills, and is located only about twenty minutes from the city center. It is named after the mythical Šarka, a wild and beautiful warrior woman. The park is full of romantic walking trails, some in valleys by trickling streams, others leading up to noble jagged rock lookout points. There is a man-made reservoir, perfect for sunbathing on the rocks or grass, or even for swimming in. In the middle of the park, sits a delightfully clean stream-fed swimming pool, usually fully occupied on hot summer days. The swimming pool and the surrounding area are perfect for a summer outing, such as a romantic picnic or a family get-together in the great outdoors. The lush, green yard has a lot of space for sunbathing, lounging around with drinks, playing games or simply reading that new summer novel. This is what summer is, good old-fashioned fun outdoors! The park is frequented often by families with children, lovers, friends and sports enthusiasts. The pool has been operating since the 1930s and besides the cool pool, the area also features petanque, volleyball and footvolley areas.

Divoká Šárka 41, Praha 6, +420 603 723 501, +420 604 460 671, www.koupaliste-sarka.webnode.cz



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