Petanque | Letenský zámeček | Prague


Located in Letna Park is the pretty Letenský zámeček or the Letna chateau, where you can dine on fine French cuisine, enjoy French wines and simply enjoy the finer things in life, like the French and their savoir vivre - the art of life. What is more, Letenský zámeček also features the French game of Pétanque. What perfect way to relax then to enjoy a game of Pétanque before or after dining in the chateau. Anyone can partake in the game of Pétanque, whether beginners or seasoned professionals; for the competitive players, Letenský zámeček can arrange a professionally managed tournament for up to sixty players. Letenský zámeček can also arrange a barbecue party complete with a variety of French wines, perfect for the camaraderie that is Pétanque!




Letenské sady 341, Praha 7, +420-233-378-200, 


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