1000 Years of Inca Gold | Prague Museums and Galleries

The Supreme Burgrave House

The wondrous exhibition titled 1000 Years of Incan Gold is currently on display at the Supreme House of the Burgrave. This small, but priceless exhibition is a display of jewelry (huge earrings, massive golden beads, nose pieces), tools, cups, and other household objects, such as golden tweezers. These fascinating objects are displayed in lit up glass showcases with educational and historical texts (in Czech and English) located next to the artifacts. The artifacts are indeed amazing, intricate and not something you would see everyday, consider yourself lucky to be in the presence of such powerful gold. At the end of the exhibition an educational video in Czech, German and English tells of the importance of the gold and the ultimate curse due to the coveting Spanish invaders. The pieces, which are rarely exhibited, were brought to Prague from Lima, Peru and will be displayed until May 2009. A must see for lovers of the history of civilizations.

The Supreme Burgrave House, Prague Castle, Jirska Street Praha 1, www.hrad.cz


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