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Restaurace u Českých Pánů

Located in the center of Prague in the New Town district is Restaurace u Českých Pánů, a medieval themed restaurant situated in an old and atmospheric cellar that was built between 1357 and 1360. Do not be fooled by the New Town district’s name, for Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV founded New Town in the Gothic period, making it anything but new and the perfect setting for an ‘ancient’ restaurant. The Gothic interior of the restaurant will surely transport you back in time, however the air-conditioning will remind you of current day comforts. Restaurace u Českých Pánů offers a wide range of Central European and traditional Czech fare alongside a selection of the world’s best beer and various Moravian wines. The restaurant comfortably seats 100 and can be rented for wedding celebrations, birthday parties, company parties and more. The atmospheric restaurant will please all with its Gothic interior complete with candles and long wooden banquet tables, a romantic setting for sure. Restaurace u Českých Pánů also features live entertainment including traditional folk music, old European music, dancers and sword duals. The actors are of course, dressed in intricate medieval costumes.

Školská 38, Praha 1, +420 222 231 068, 


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