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Jama Steakhouse

Sister restaurant to the immensely popular Jáma (the Hollow), a bustling restaurant and bar located off of Wenceslas Square in New Town, is the new Jáma Steakhouse. Jáma Steakhouse combines all the hip elements of Jáma; think cool interior complete with music posters and wooden tables, friendly and professional staff members and most importantly, mouthwatering food at attractive prices. Located in New Town as well, Jáma Steakhouse is situated close to the magnificent National Theater, the legendary Manes building on romantic Slovansky Island and the flowing Vltava River. Jáma Steakhouse offers an expansive steak menu and serves up prime cuts of beef from around the globe from various breeds; all of the meat is grilled to order on Jáma’s lava grill. Jáma Steakhouse also offers fresh and delicious made-to-order pastas with a variety of sauces to choose from. Jáma Steakhouse is a great choice for a quick lunch, a relaxing gourmet steak dinner or a night out with your friends. The atmospheric bar area is complete with great music, a friendly bar staff and six Czech beers on tap. If you wish to partake in the drink of the gods Jáma Steakhouse also offers an extensive wine list with wines from the Czech Republic, Argentina, Spain and Chile.

Ostrovní 26, Praha 1, 734 571 287, www.jamasteak.cz 


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