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Are you searching for noodle bars in Prague? If you wish to sample delicious, fresh and healthy noodle and rice dishes in Prague you are in luck, for the culinary scene is currently growing with such establishments. Exotic noodle bars are leaving their mark across Prague as diners want more and more of a dining option that can be quick and is always fresh, bursting with flavor, and healthy. If you would like to sample the best of Asian noodle bars in Prague have a look at our recommended list below. All of the Prague noodle bars are represented with complete descriptions, color photographs, contact information and convenient maps. Put some exotic spice in your life and try some delectable noodle and rice dishes in Prague’s eateries today! We bet you will be returning time and time again to enjoy the complex, exotic flavors of all that Asian cuisine has to offer. 

  • Yam Yam | Interior Detail | New Town Yam Yam Thai Food & Cafe

    Are you searching for delicious, mouthwatering Thai cuisine in the European capital of Prague? If so, you might just end up searching far and wide as the spicy delectable dishes that make up Thai cuisine are not so commonly found here. A few select places do exist that serve yummy Thai dishes, however, the dishes are overpriced for most diners. If you wish to dine on Thai food on a budget you are in luck, for the city of Prague...

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  • Zebra Asian Noodle Bar | Prague Asian Restaurants Zebra Asian Noodle Bar

    Zebra Asian Noodle Bar and Zebra Express - where you can sample some of the best Asian cuisine in Prague. If you fancy some exotic cuisine, simply head to Zebra Asian Noodle Bar or Zebra Express (should you be in a hurry) and start your culinary journey through the mysterious and intriguing Far East. At both Zebra locations you will find a variety of delectable, exciting dishes with splendid mouthwatering flavors; from the far reaches of the globe these exotic...

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  • Modrý Zub | Prague Restaurant Modry Zub

    Modrý Zub, or the Blue Tooth, is located off of famous Wenceslas Square and is quite possibly the best place to eat some of the spiciest food in Prague. This Thai noodle bar, sister to the fine dining establishment Modry Zub Restaurant, features a modern cafe front and a fast food to go counter in the back; you can choose whether to be seated and served in the pleasant cafe or to sit in the colorful back room with the...

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