Modry Zub

Modrý Zub, or the Blue Tooth, is located off of famous Wenceslas Square and is quite possibly the best place to eat some of the spiciest food in Prague. This Thai noodle bar, sister to the fine dining establishment Modry Zub Restaurant, features a modern cafe front and a fast food to go counter in the back; you can choose whether to be seated and served in the pleasant cafe or to sit in the colorful back room with the chefs and the food counter. The food’s spice level served at Modrý Zub is available according to your wishes with a three pepper rating system. If you love spicy food than you will be in heaven! If you prefer less spicy but still flavorful, the menu will not disappoint with many dishes without hot peppers as well. We recommend the Phad Sam Sean, listed with two peppers on the menu, the dish is very tasty and quite spicy. The dish features a hot mix of rice, yellow, and glass noodles with chicken, fresh chili and delicious Thai basil. Modrý Zub offers a large menu with soups, tasty starters such as fried prawn cakes and spring rolls, a large variety of salads- one of our favorites being the Yum Yai, a spicy Thai salad featuring Black Tiger prawns, numerous curries and sautés, stir fried noodles and rice, as well as trendy Vietnamese Pho soup.

Jindřišská 5, Praha 1, +420 222 212 622, Spálená 29, Praha 1, +420 222 540 064, Stroupežnického 14, Praha 5, +420 257 315 437, Dlouhá 21, Praha 1, +420 222 313 340,



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Address: Jindřišská 5, Praha 1 | Spálená 29, Praha 1 | Stroupežnického 14, Praha 5 | Dlouhá 21, Praha 1

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