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Potrefena Husa-Pankrac

In the up-and-coming business and shopping center of Pankrac is the newest branch of Potrefená Husa. This third branch opened at the end of August 2009 and is strategically situated opposite the exit of the Pankrác (line C) metro station just across from the Arkády Shopping Center, making Potrefena Husa Pankrac the perfect place to stop for a bite and a beer. With so many office centers and businesses in the area, Potrefená Husa Pankrác is the place to be after working hours to network, meet friends or colleagues outside the office, and to unwind from a busy day in the office. The restaurant is just as popular, if not more so, than its sister restaurants Potrefená Husa-Vinohrady and Potrefená Husa-Dejvice and offers the same excellent service, modern unique interior with its specifically cool ambiance and of course their trademark delicious food. Here you will receive the special service, tasty beverages and scrumptious food that Potrefena Husa is famous for! We recommend the traditional Czech potato soup made from a traditional Czech recipe, the roasted pork BBQ ribs served with crispy fresh vegetables or a juicy American-style hamburger from beef sirloin with fresh vegetables, cheddar cheese, bacon, onion, French fries and mayonnaise. Potrefena Husa-Pankrac features a large non-smoking section, free Wi-Fi.

Na Pankráci 129, Prague 4, +420 244 402 955, www.potrefene-husy.cz/en/potrefena-husa-prague-pankrac


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