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Modry Zub Restaurant

Located on bustling Spálená Street is the exciting and refreshingly authentic Modry Zub Restaurant. This fine dining authentic Thai establishment is a sister restaurant to Modry Zub Noodle Bar, which is also located in New Town on Jindrisska Street. This elegant restaurant uses only the freshest ingredients imported from Germany and Austria whenever certain ingredients are needed that the Czech Republic does not import, such as Thai Zucchini and Thai spices. Modry Zub Restaurant, a 100% perfect authentic Thai establishment in the center of Prague also has the honor of wining and dining the Thai Ambassador, a regular guest in this unique restaurant. The restaurant features separate rooms, each with a different atmsophere, that include warm neutral colors with comfortable wooden tables and chairs alongside decorative Buddhas, paintings of Thailand’s countyside and interesting light fixtures that let off a cozy glow, as well as a rich and lively red room with red tables, white chairs, modern lighting and decorative bamboo. We recommend the spicy Tom Yum Po Tak (spicy soup with a mix of seafood), the Spring Rolls (3 vegetable spring rolls with a sweet chili sauce), the Som Tam (spicy papaya salad), the Phad Thai (Thai rice noodles with peanuts, availbable with chicken, tofu or black tiger prawns), the Phad Pak Ruam Mit (Stir fried vegetables with oyster sauce), the traditional Thai soup Tom Yum Kung (spicy soup with shrimp) and the Phad Woon Sen (glass noodles with vegetables and meat). Modry Zub also features a Thai tasting menu if you cannot decide what to order and wish to sample a little bit of everything. If you wish to sample Thai beer, Modry Zub offers the refreshing Singha and Chang labels. If you are searching for authenic Thai food in a luxurious and comfortable setting, Modry Zub is for you.

Spálená 29, Praha 1, +420 222 540 064, Jindřišská 5, Praha 1, +420 222 212 622, Stroupežnického 14, Praha 5, +420 257 315 437, Dlouhá 21, Praha 1, +420 222 313 340,


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