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Blind Eye | Classic Zizkov Bar
Blind Eye | Prague Nightlife | Drinking in Zizkov
Blind Eye | Nightlife | Dance All Night in Zizkov

The Blind Eye

Located in the nitty gritty up-and-coming working class neighborhood of Žižkov is the Red Eye, or the Blind Eye as it is more famously known as. Popular with expats, Czechs and everyone and everything in between, Blind Eye has been responsible for many a hangover throughout the city of Prague. And in Žižkov, an authentic area of Prague with an unmistakable spirit of the real that boasts the highest amount of pubs in any European city district, you can bet your Czech Crowns that you will experience a wild night, and perhaps a bit of memory loss at that. For a fun night full of all that encompasses being drunk and doing it proud, visit the Blind Eye where you will fit right in. The overall atmosphere of the bar is very relaxed, however, the staff does not tolerate any mistreatment of their patrons in the bar. Find Blind Eye on Facebook for the latest news and events.

Jeronýmova 2, Praha 3


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