U Vejvodu

While you wander through the narrow, winding streets of Old Town, make sure you find your way to U Vejvodu, a traditional Czech jewel of a restaurant. U Vejvodu has retained the Czech pub spirit, without the so commonly-found smoke and noise, by keeping the Pilsner beer flowing at very reasonable prices. The first impression when you enter the small first level is one of a cozy little pub, but continue a few more steps down the stairway lined with autographs and messages from its patrons, and a whole new world is revealed. Inside you will find rows of well-tended tables and booths nestled among alcoves and balconies, big screen TVs showing sporting events, and a wide range of cuisine, from light pastas to traditional Czech delicacies. The pork knee complemented with a variety of sauces and served on a wooden slab is one of the best in town, as is the pub's serving of svíčková (tender beef served with dumplings, sauce, cream and cranberries). Visiting U Vejvodu is truly a delightful experience, especially for visitors who want to experience the essence of a traditional Czech pub. To top it all off, the staff will make sure your glass is always full of excellent cold beer; we highly recommend the Pilsner as well as the Kozel dark beer. If you want to experience a traditional Czech pub with delicious food and a fun atmsophere, this is the place for you!

 Jilska 4, Prague 1, +420 224 219 999, www.restauraceuvejvodu.cz

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Traditional Czech Cuisine

Address: Jilská 4, Praha 1

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