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Over the past decade there have been ugly rumors spread about the gastronomic reputation of this city in the heart of the old continent. And truly there was nothing to remember about Prague's restaurants, unless you were a hot dog connoisseur searching for new presentations or flavors, or perhaps the never-ending tables of dumplings drowning in thick brown stew. The motherland of ‘goulash s knedlíky’ eventually became populated with a more sophisticated crowd and the outbreak of the nouveau cuisine was ready to begin. Nowadays you can find some of the most progressive restaurants in this melting pot of the latest fusion trends and traditional recipes. Progressive as these restaurants may be, though, Prague is still maturing in terms of ‘fine dining’ and many restaurants still serve bowls of thick goulash waiting to be devoured. While you take an evening stroll through the magnificent Old Town on its cobblestone lanes, you can easily pop into a traditional Italian trattoria without any worries, or spoil yourself in an exclusive French restaurant serving absolutely scrumptious foie Gras, almost rivaling high-class restaurants in France. Ranging in variety from traditional Asian eateries to Southeast Asian fusion restaurants, traditional Greek gyros stands and Japanese and Korean sushi houses, you can try a large choice of international cuisines and spoil yourself with the newest trends in modern gourmet dining. The interiors of the majority of restaurants have been renovated mostly in the Baroque and Art Nouveau styles, but many newcomers are following the latest trends in interior design. You can even try an Icelandic or Gothic restaurant in this newly established Mecca of true gourmets. And let us not forget Czech food, the finest establishments update basics and draw on worldly flavors to create a special kind of continental fusion cuisine with fine ingredients from all over Europe, while finding bohemian inspiration in classic recipes to prove the beauty of centuries old Czech fare. If you are searching for fine dining establishments in Prague, you will not be disappointed as the city continues to impress all the while making all the correct moves towards the exceptional European standard of fine dining... Our Apartments in Prague in the Old Town and Malá Strana.