If you are searching for authentic American fare and American restaurants in Prague, have a look at our comprehensive list of American restaurants in Prague offering American cuisine featured below. American food is naturally inspired by many different cuisines of the world as the giant ‘melting pot’ that is the United States once consisted and still consists of immigrants. Because of such diversity in its citizens’ backgrounds you can commonly find interesting and delicious fusion cuisine in America, however, a few ‘American’ dishes stand alone as the main world representatives of American fare. The great hamburger or cheeseburger is the clear winner, with hot dogs, barbequed ribs, steaks, fried chicken and grilled meats coming along in second place. Of course French fries and onion rings are natural side dishes to these mouthwatering mains. If you crave American food while in the Czech Republic, several American restaurants in Prague serve up their version of American cuisine including juicy burgers and crispy fries.